Butler Bot (english)

Submitted by esmile on Thu, 07.05.2020 - 00:30

This is the beginning of a personal and reliable but synthetic agent, that passes the Turing test as long as possible without the requirement to need to.

The challenge is to have an easy to use private system on most common operation systems, that is as easygoing as safe, so that normal people look forward to entrust their avatar and PIM Data there by their own choice.
And that they natural want to use this interface to survive better in our complex digital world.

The solution is not to do anything special but to become the glue of now existing open source software, which works together as one butler to serve an existing human person.

And this human person is part of other instances.
They are all webbed in signatures of trust and share via virtual private and existing social networks their avatars and data.

Let´s go and try to glue and do this as good as the old Chinese master Ge Hong tried to become immortal, knowing well not to finish.

The project language is mandatory English.
All other languages are not forgotten to work well.

The whole world is already now existing passive member of our Buttler Bot Henri.
And here finishes the easy part of the job.